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Customer Testimonials and Feedback

We were in last week (Sunday afternoon on the 4th Nov. 2018 to be specific) and I
would like to pass along a compliment to your staff.

I would like to let you know that that the two ladies working that afternoon provided nothing less than excellent service from the moment we walked in until we exited the shop!

They were pleasant, professional and helpfully attentive without being overbearing or pushy.

They assisted my wife with multiple outfits and even went as far as removing an outfit from a display mannequin when it was the only skirt of a specific type that was in her size. It was also getting close to closing time and at no point did we feel we were being rushed while my wife tried on the clothing.

Many of the more "mainstream traditional" stores could take a lesson in customer service from your staff!

I love shopping at Pleasure Island one of my favorite stores. The store is amazing and always has great deals.

I just wanted to express a little note of thanks to your business and the amazing young lady that openly offered her assistance to me late afternoon on on Fri. Feb. 6th (2015).

I haven't really been to adult stores before, except for a couple that I walked in and out of, as they seemed a bit too "weird" inside or employed people that seemed to fit that same description.

I came in without much idea of what was available or what I was even really looking for. Just something for my wife and I to enjoy together. I was just looking for something that may help her find some type of desire for "me / us" again.

Unfortunately I cannot remember the young lady's named that so kindly guided me around the store a little and offered several "reasonable" ideas for someone that is as "vanilla" as I am within this realm of adult pleasure.

She was understanding, helpful, knowledgeable  (at least compared to me ...haha), and just very "real"! I found her quite comfortable to talk to (once I warmed up to even being there!;-). And she even offered slight, appropriate experiences of her own in order to make me feel a bit more comfortable and provide me more information.

I don't know what will become of my relationship in the long run, but I do know that I do feel a little more comfortable with who I am as man and more comfortable that what I'm looking for in an adult relationship isn't really that unreasonable at all!

Please forward my sincere thanks to the staff, which assisted me with an experience that I was obviously initially very uncomfortable with. She was much more help to me than just with sales and making a purchase.

Neither, the experience nor her, will be soon forgotten, and I hope to have the opportunity to visit Pleasure Island again in the future ....I hope to have a "need" to visit Pleasure Island again in the future!

Awesome store, beautiful corsets and the staff are so friendly. I highly recommend checking it out. They also carry very nice plus size lingerie. I love this store!

Amazing store! So many fun products and outfits! Oh and can't forget that awesome calendar featuring local talent!!

I was in your store earlier this week for the very first time, and I just wanted to let you know my opinion.

I have been in a few shops and I must say I absolutely loved it. The lay out made it easy to see everything and not be overwhelmed, the staff were very friendly and informed my girlfriend and I that if we needed help with anything, or wanted to try anything on that all we had to do was ask. We already plan on making return trips when we are in the area and can't wait to go back again.

Very clean store and extremely friendly owner and staff. But store is lacking clothing and underwear for men. Store could probably have a gay men's section with underwear, dildo, butt plugs and other sex items. More pride items, pride rainbow and gay decor items to pull in more gay men. More selection of men's underwear such as...Andrew Christian, Aussie Bum, Ginch Gonch, Basket...just more various sexy men's underwear....nothing more hot then Andrew Christian underwear

love the store and the staff...and.. the wave4 OMG ...every lady should have one